Dr. Brandy Ellison

Ellison PicAssistant Professor Brandy Ellison received her BA in Sociology and History from Montana State University-Billings in 2000 and her PhD in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame in 2009. She worked as Associate Director of Research for ACE Consulting at Notre Dame for five years, partnering with K-12 schools throughout the United States and Haiti. Prior to her appointment in the Center for Integrative Studies, she was the Director of Student Success for the College of Social Science at MSU. 
  • Educational assessments and outcomes
  • Social science pedagogy and funds of knowledge
  • Stratification and inequality
  • Information literacy

Ellison, Brandy J. 2019. “Funds of Knowledge for College Advising.” Presented at MSU College Advising Corp Training Program, Lansing, Michigan.

Ellison, Brandy J., Fayyaz Hussain, and Justin Bruner. 2018. “Minding the Gap: Restructuring a Large Enrollment Course to Close Opportunity Gaps among Students.” Presented at the Lilly Conference on Advancing Teaching and Learning, Traverse City, Michigan.

Ellison, Brandy J., Brent Donnellan, and Mary Laituri. 2018. “The ‘Kids These Days’ Fallacy.” Presented at the MSU Teaching and Learning Spring Conference, East Lansing, Michigan.

Ellison, Brandy J. and Petra Hendrickson. 2017. “The More You Know: The Benefits of Multifaceted Evaluations of Academic Support Programs.” Presented at Great Lakes Regional Student Success Conference, Detroit, Michigan.