Dr. Frederick V. Engram

Assistant Professor Frederick V. Engram Jr. is a higher education scholar who uses critical race theory to interrogate how African Americans make sense of their experiences with racism in higher education and the criminal justice system at large. Dr. Engram received his B.A. in Criminology from Johnson C. Smith University ‘05 and his Ed.D. from Northeastern University ’19.

Dr. Engram currently teaches ISS 215 Social Differentiation and Inequality: Critical Analysis of Racial[ized] Hierarchy in America. Dr. Engram has taught both undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Commonwealth University, Radford University and The University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Engram is the 2022 Reby Carey Faculty Excellence Award winner at UT Arlington. He has also been named to 40/40 as an inaugural member at his alma mater Johnson C. Smith University (2021) and his fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. (2022).

As a result of Dr. Engram’s activist work and scholarship he gives keynotes and invited lecture talks across the country. He has published his work in media outlets such as Forbes, Blavity, and Diverse Issues in Higher Education. He is currently writing his first monograph titled Black Liberation Through Action and Resistance: MOVE which is set for a 2023 publication and release.



  • Critical Race Theory (CRT)
  • School-to-Prison-Pipeline
  • White Manning
  • Misogynoir
  • Anti-Racism
  • HBCUs
  • PWIs
  • Higher Education


April 2022 

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March 2022     Engram Jr, F. V. (2022). Who’s All Over There? Patriarchy, White Manning, and Deficit Framed Thinking Aimed at Spirit Murdering Black Children. International Forum of Teaching and Studies Vol 18. No.1, 49-53.
April 2021 

Engram Jr., F.V. Move: We Don’t Need to Convince You That Our Oppression is Real (The Vermont Connection Issue 42,2021)

October 2020          Engram FV. White Manning and Lacking Institutional Preparedness Amid Tragedy. About Campus. 2020;25(4):20-24.
April 2020 

Engram Jr., F.V.  An Act of Courage (The Vermont Connection Issue 41 Article 4 2020)                 


2022 Engram Jr., F.V., Re-Envisioning Education: Affirming Diversity and Advancing Justice: Combating Racism and Educational Violence in Higher Education Edited by: Rajni-Shankar Brown, PhD

  Engram Jr., F.V., Blackmaled by Academia: White Manning (3):42-48 Edited by: Gabrielle Strohschen, PhD; Ken Elazier           

2019 Engram Jr, F.V., Perkins, K., & Williams, M. (2019). Find A Way Or Make One: Navigating an Intersectional Experience While Being Your Authentic Self as a New Professional of Color. In M. Burke, & U.. M. Robinson, No Ways Tired: The Journey For Professionals of Color in Student Affairs (pp. 55-63). United States: Information Age Publishing Inc.