Dr. Seven Mattes

Seven Mattes

Seven Mattes, PhD (she/they), is an Assistant Professor in the Center for Integrative Studies at Michigan State University. Seven received a BA in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from Western Michigan University and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Michigan State University. Working at the intersection of Animal Studies and Disaster Studies, Seven’s interdisciplinary research aims to improve preparedness and resiliency for humans and other animals in disaster contexts. Seven teaches large-format Integrative Social Science courses, an Undergraduate Learning Seminar, Interdisciplinary Research Methods, and an FSA Study Abroad to Japan. In both research and teaching Seven focuses on understanding and valuing ecological entanglements across cultures.

Outside of teaching and research, Seven skates with Lansing Roller Derby, rolls dice in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and fosters kittens whenever possible. They are an enthusiast of fermented pickles, Japanese Yokai folklore, and Studio Ghibli films.



· Animal Studies

· Critical Disaster Studies

· Japan Studies

· Gender and the Environment



· Animal Studies

· Education Abroad



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Adams Academy Fellowship in Teaching & Learning, Michigan State University, 2022-2023

ISS Teaching Excellence Award, Michigan State University, 2019

Clifton Bryant Animals and Society Course Award for ISS 210: “Animals, Culture, and Power”, American Sociological Association, 2023