ISS and Education Abroad

The College of Social Science offers many unique and diverse programs around the world for students to expereince with the goal of expanding as well as educating students who wish to participate. 


ISS 308 (Section 750) - London, United Kingdom

Offered as part of the ISS/PLS UK 2022 Summer Study Abroad.

Contact: Corwin Smidt (


ISS 315 (Section 701) - Las Vegas, Nevada

Topic: Interdisciplinary Inquiry: Exploring the Social & Cultural Impacts of Water and Water Scarcity in the Las Vegas Valley

Contact: Eddie Boucher (


ISS 315 (Section 750) - Rome, Italy

Topic: Social Science in Rome Italy

Contact: Voginovic, I. (


ISS 315 (Section 751) - Mytilini, Greece

Topic: Contemporary Culture, Politics & Society

Contact: B. Mullan (


ISS 315 (Section 752) - Jerusalem, Israel

Topic: Immigration & Cultural Diversity in Isreal

Contact: Yore Kedem (


ISS 315 (Section 753) - Paris, France

Topic: Modernity In The Streets: Paris and London

Contact: Carolyn Johnston (


ISS 330B (Section 750) Tokyo, Japan

Topic: Interconnection Between Education, Culture, Society & Technology

Contact: David Wong (


ISS 335 (Section 701) - Honolulu, Hawaii

Topic: The Future of Work in Hawaii

Contact: Jeff Ericksen (


For more information on study abroad programs visit The Office for Education Abroad or for more programs specific to the College of Social Science visit the study abroad page here.