Dr. Fayyaz Hussain

Hussain Pic

Associate Professor Hussain's teaching career in Sociology began in Pakistan in 1975, after he completed his M.A. in Sociology. He continued teaching Sociology in Nigeria, Canada, and finally in the USA. After moving to Michigan State University in 1986, he has taught in the Department of Sociology, the Center for Criminal Justice, and for the past 26 years at the Center for Integrative Studies in Social Sciences. Each year, he teaches close to 2000 students. According to his calculations, he has taught more than 50,000 students. Even though his position at Michigan State University is full time teaching, he is still active in research. Over the years, he has worked on more than 25 research projects in a variety of roles, has presented more than 25 research papers, and has attended and organized numerous workshops. 

Based on the formal and informal feedback from his students, he believes that he has made a life-long impact on his students. In the past 25 years, he has received hundreds of letters from his students, who admire everything about his classes. His former students have even established a fan club for him on Facebook.

Dr. Hussain has received more than 10 recognitions and awards including John F. Schnabel Teaching Award by North Central Sociological Association (NCSA) and the Michigan State University Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2020, he was elected as the President of North Central Sociological Association for 2021-2022.