Dr. Eddie Boucher

Boucher PicEddie Boucher is the Associate Director of the Center for Integrative Studies in Social Science with primarily responsibilities in the Interdisciplinary Studies and Global & International Studies majors. He holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with concentration areas in Interdisciplinary Studies, Global & Cultural Educational Studies, South Asia, and Curriculum & Instruction. His ongoing ethnographic research explores the impact of coercive forms of globalization on India’s handicraft sectors, education system, and culture more broadly. At MSU he offers courses in Interdisciplinary Research Methods and Global Studies. He also developed and leads a unique study abroad program where MSU students work alongside craft & design students in India to conduct qualitative interdisciplinary research in the form of short documentary films. 


  • Craft & Design Studies and Material Culture Studies in India
  • Cultural Studies in Global and Comparative Education in South Asia
  • Interdisciplinary Research Methods in Social Science 
  • Pedagogy in Visual Storytelling and Documentary Filmmaking


  • Center for Asian Studies 
  • Study Away, College of Social Science 
  • Education Abroad


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Boucher, E., Mattes, S., Almerigi, J., Munoz, L. & Quillinan, T. (IDS Faculty-Student Research and Production Team). (In progress, Fall 2022 anticipated release date). Farmers Markets in Mid-Michigan: Sustaining Communities, Resources, and the Environment in our Global Era (A Community-Engaged Documentary). United States.

Boucher, E. (Producer and Director). (2019, in progress). Handmade Craft in the World: Master Tarkashi Artisans of Jaipur (Documentary). India and the United States.

Boucher, E. (Producer) & Boucher, E., & Sen, K. (Co-Directors). (2018, full feature in progress). Handmade Craft in the World: Block Printing in Jaipur (Documentary). India and the United States.


Adams Academy Fellowship in Teaching & Learning, Michigan State University, 2023-2024

Michigan State University, Recipient, Faculty Teaching Innovation Award, College of Social Science, 2020-2021

Michigan State University, Recipient, #iteachmsu Educator Award, Office of the Provost, 2020-2021 

Michigan State University’s Academic Advancement Network (MSU-AAN) & The HUB, Co-founder & Co-facilitator, MSU Learning Community in Team-Based Teaching, Learning & Research, 2020-2021, (renewed) 2021-2022