Concurrent Enrollment

Due to the high demand for seats in the various sections of ISS and to help ensure that students can enroll for these required courses when needed, the CIS does not permit concurrent enrollment in multiple ISS courses within the same semester. 

Students concurrently enrolled in multiple ISS courses within the same semester will be contacted after the annual enrollment period or following AOP, through the confidential student message system.  Students will be instructed to drop all but one ISS course in any semester in which they are enrolled for more than one, before a stated deadline.  Students who fail to comply by the deadline will be dropped from all but one ISS course in a given semester, at the discretion of the Director of the CIS.

The CIS will consider exceptions to the concurrent enrollment policy for students who can demonstrate that multiple ISS course enrollments are necessary to simultaneously fulfill (1) ISS and (2) academic major or minor requirements.  Students seeking an exception should have their academic advisor contact the CIS at