Override Information

  • Overrides are only processed prior to and during open enrollment. Open enrollment for Fall Semsester 2020 ends at 8pm on September 9, 2020.
  • We do NOT grant overrides into full sections. (The only exceptions are students graduating that semester or students who need to repeat a course. Overrides into full sections are allowed for graduating seniors only if all other ISS sections conflict with other courses on the student's schedule.)
  • We will not add students to a full ONLINE SECTION.  Students must sign up for text alerts and wait for a space to open.
  • Transfer students—the system may not automatically recognize your transfer credit as an ISS 200-level equivalent course. Come to our office in 302 Berkey or phone 517 355-9733 for a “pre-requisite” override in order to enroll in an OPEN 300-level ISS section. DURING COVID-19 CLOSURE, PLEASE EMAIL ISS@MSU.EDU FOR ASSISTANCE.
  • Students must have reached sophomore status (at least 28 earned credits) in order to enroll in a 300-level ISS course. You will see a "pre-requisite not met" type error if this criteria is not met.